In today’s knowledge economy, Intellectual Property – patents, trademarks, copyright, proprietary know-how – accounts for the largest part of many companies’ assets. Major market battles are won and lost on the strength of IP. Developing and protecting IP assets are crucial to building value and to gaining and maintaining a strong competitive position.

Yet, surprisingly, many companies, large and small, do not have a firm grip on their IP position. Their inventions are poorly protected, or perhaps not protected at all. They do not have a clear picture of IP threats and opportunities. Managers and inventors find that their IP attorneys do not understand their technology and themselves cannot fathom what their IP attorneys are trying to tell them (or bill them for). Too often, companies settle for second-rate protection of their IP assets.

Our mission is to help you get your IP under control, without compromises. Our patent attorneys not only have exceptional technological and legal expertise, but are also experienced themselves in R&D and business management. We treat every case as though your business depended on it. We deliver quality IP service, on time, and within budget – no surprises.