Our Firm

I founded D. Kligler I.P. Services in 2008, after 13 years as a patent attorney in another firm, where I built a team with a reputation as professionals who could handle the most difficult technological and legal problems with grace and creativity.  I felt that there was an unmet need for an IP boutique firm that would provide uncompromising quality and responsiveness to client needs, while faithfully meeting timetables and budget.  We do not expect to be the biggest IP firm, nor the cheapest, but we are determined to give our clients the best value they can get for their money.

Apparently the need that I felt was real: In the short time we have been in operation, we have built up our practice to nearly one hundred active clients, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations, through Israeli public and start-up companies, to individual inventors.  I feel honored that a number of members of my former team chose to join me, making up the core of our professional and administrative staff.

We provide a full range of IP services and address all of our clients’ IP-related needs, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.  We specialize, however, in patents, particularly in the fields of communications, computers, software, integrated circuits, medical devices, instrumentation, and other areas of the electronic and mechanical arts.  The members of our professional staff have advanced degrees and practical experience in these areas and are licensed to practice in the Israel Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

We work closely with our clients (and their commercial counsel, as appropriate) on IP-related legal matters.  In this area, our services include advising clients on licensing and other contracts, patent infringement analysis and opinions, litigation, investments and due diligence, IP intelligence and strategic planning.  We understand the business context of IP, and we help our clients in building their IP strategies and in identifying and protecting the value of their IP assets.

Daniel Kligler