Nadav Wertsman

Nadav Wertsman, Patent Attorney

Expertise: Patent drafting and prosecution, infringement and validity analysis

Bar information: Registered patent attorney in the Israel Patent Office

Languages: English, Hebrew

Education: B.Sc. in Materials Science and Physics, Ben-Gurion University (1992); M.Sc. in Materials Engineering and Electrochemistry, cum laude, Ben-Gurion University (1992); Executive MBA, Hebrew University (2002); Board of Directors and Corporate Officers, Tel Aviv University (2013).

Experience: Patent attorney, D. Kligler IP Services Ltd. (2014-present).
Before becoming a patent attorney, Nadav worked in the fields of semiconductors and multidisciplinary systems for a number of companies, such as Intel, Applied Materials, Camtek, and Carl Zeiss and was a founder and CEO of two medical device startup companies.

Tel. +972-3-5622291