The following is a partial list of the services provided by our office.  Please contact us for further details.

  • Patent drafting – We meet with the inventors, review client technical documents (when available), and write patent applications for filing in the U.S., Israel, and internationally.  In most cases, we are able to collect all the information we need in a single meeting and do not require inventors to prepare special disclosure documents for us.
  • Patent application filing – We file our clients’ patent applications directly in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Israel Patent Office, and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (international filing).  We also handle filing in other countries through associate firms.
  • Filing of trademark and design applications – We file our clients’ applications directly in the U.S. and Israel, and we file in other countries through associate firms.
  • Patent prosecution – We negotiate with patent examiners and make amendments as necessary in order to overcome rejections and obtain patent grant on our clients’ applications.  We are often asked to take over prosecution of applications that were originally filed by other firms, particularly in cases of difficult examination.
  • Patentability/validity search – We search international patent databases and other sources of information, and then analyze the results in order to advise our clients on the patentability of their own inventions or, in other cases, on the validity or invalidity of other parties’ patents that appear to threaten our clients’ products.
  • Freedom to operate – We search patent databases in the U.S. and other target countries, and then analyze the search results in order to determine whether our clients’ products infringe any other parties’ patents.  This sort of search is frequently called for as part of a due diligence process.
  • Legal opinions – We provide opinions of counsel on IP-related matters of U.S. and Israeli law, including patent validity, infringement, and freedom to operate.
  • Due diligence – We analyze IP-related aspects of target companies for investors and potential strategic partners.  This work often includes analysis of the target company’s IP portfolio, freedom to operate, and IP-related contractual obligations.
  • Patent licensing and sale of IP assets – We counsel our clients on IP-related transactions, and we draft and review contractual provisions relating to IP.
  • IP litigation – We assist our clients in asserting their rights against infringers and in protecting themselves against accusations of infringement by competitors and “patent trolls.”  When cases actually get to court, we work with litigation firms in plotting trial strategy and providing technical support.
  • IP portfolio management – We meet with clients initially and periodically thereafter in order to map out IP assets and threats, and to develop and update IP filing strategies.  We track status of all cases and provide clients with timely reports on demand, at no cost.